Thursday, August 13, 2009

Starting them off with enthusiasm

I had the pleasure today of witnessing a rite of passage for many young preschoolers. They came in with their parents to meet their teachers, see their new classrooms, and begin their journey into the world of education. Parents and students alike took in all the sights and sounds of the school building, their eyes wide with wonder: classrooms full of blocks, books, sensory tables, crayons, paints, and more; hallways decorated with beautiful colors and pictures; the playground with hopscotch, climbing equipment, and slides; and all the other children and adults joining them on this day of adventure.

The parents I saw were eager to start their children off on the right foot. They were engaged, caring, and enthusiastic about this new experience for their child. Parents reading with their children, joining in the bead games and sensory table activities, touring their school with the hope of the future.

In turn the teachers met these families with excitement and a sense of opportunity. Greeting families, engaging children, and creating a supportive and positive learning environment.

A child's first experience in school can make all the difference in their success in school. That experience is guided by their parents and teachers who offer support, compassion, and enthusiasm. These little preschoolers are our future. May we guide them everyday with wisdom and respect I witnessed today.

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