Thursday, November 5, 2009

By how many miles?

A sense of humor is a fabulous thing!

This evening as we drove home from hours of choir practice we were all a little slap happy. For tangential reasons I cannot recall at the moment we were trying to remember the last of the seven dwarfs. We racked our brains we began coming up with all sorts of goofy options. As we went on, the suggestions got closer and closer to that line of inappropriateness and I remarked, "You're getting close to crossing the line."

Walking Stick made one more suggestion and Giggle Box replied, "That definitely crossed the line." I agreed and then he said, "By how many miles?!!" We all burst out laughing at that little moment of literal wit.

I so enjoy laughing with my boys and finding the humor in the little things in life. When we can let go of the things we cling to, we can be present to find those moment when absurdity and humor lightens the load. Thank goodness they are here to help me with that!

What do your kids do that makes you laugh?

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